Trump pledges 'strong, not open borders' with Mexico, if he reaches the White House.

Donald Trump pledges ‘strong, not open borders’ with Mexico, if he reaches the White House

If Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency, he would take the measure with or without the support of the Mexican government, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

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The former president, Donald Trump (2017-2021), and Republican candidate for the upcoming November elections, asserted that the legal proceedings against him are something that happens in ‘banana republics’ or third-world countries, not in a country like the United States. He blamed President Joe Biden for the legal challenges he is facing.

The New York mogul held a campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, where he squarely blamed President Joe Biden right from the outset of his remarks for the crisis at the southern border. He claimed that this crisis allows ‘millions of criminals and individuals released from mental institutions’ to flood into the United States. Therefore, he promised ‘strong, not open borders’ with Mexico should he win the White House.

Donald Trump against migration and drug trafficking in Mexico

Throughout the campaign, Trump has threatened to resume construction of the border wall, reinstate the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, and has mentioned considering reinstating the separation of migrant families.

Now, in interviews with Time, he asserts that the focus of his plan will be the mass deportation of 11 million undocumented individuals. He indicates readiness to utilize the National Guard and, if necessary, other divisions of the Armed Forces, arguing that undocumented individuals are not civilians, thus claiming he wouldn’t be violating rules prohibiting the use of military in civilian functions.

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According to a Rolling Stone article published this week, Donald Trump is reportedly considering sending special forces squads to Mexico to eliminate cartel leaders, an idea that previously seemed far-fetched but is now being seriously discussed within his inner circle.

Also he has asserted that the United States has ‘tougher killers’ than those in the cartels and is willing to use them. The Mexican government’s reluctance to cooperate on this issue, as seen in its current delay of work visas for DEA agents, does not bode well for Mexico if Trump returns to the presidency.

Mexico braces for a potential Donald Trump victory

Recent publications have delved into Trump’s character and what his possible return would entail for the United States and the world. Drawing from interviews with Trump himself and conversations with his close associates, an article from Time magazine, portrays Trump as an even more uninhibited, radical, and dangerous version than seen during his first term. Dubbed ‘Trump 2.0’ in the article, he aims to establish an ‘imperial presidency,’ which would radically redefine both the United States and its global role.

In Mexico, officials say that working with Trump could be even more challenging this time around. Behind the scenes, the Mexican government is engaging with individuals close to Trump’s campaign regarding proposals such as the former president’s threat of a ‘universal tariff’ on all imported goods.

They are also working to resolve trade disagreements before the elections in the United States, according to a senior Mexican official who was not authorized to speak publicly. The aim, the official stated, is to leave the future Mexican administration as well-equipped as possible to interact with Donald Trump.

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