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HOCO Fest Arizona 2022 will feature Los Apson, Sgt. Papers and Margaritas Podridas

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Sonoran groups will be part of the HOCO Festival, which will take place in Tucson from September 1 to 4

At music festivals, it’s well-known that the names that appear with the largest font on the official roster are the artists that the organizers consider to be the most important. This is precisely how the name of Los Apson appears in the lineup of HOCO Fest, which will take place from September 1 to 4 at the historic Hotel Congress Plaza in Tucson, Arizona.

HOCO Fest Official lineup
HOCO Fest official line-up will be held in Tucson, Arizona. Courtesy: @hoco.fest

Los Apson is considered one of the most iconic and prominent groups in Sonora. The band was formed in Agua Prieta in 1957 and is already part of history by being one of the first to bring Mexican rock and roll to locals as well as the United States. The presence of José Luis “Lichi” García, in saxophone, one of the original members, has already been confirmed for the HOCO Fest. With hits like “Fue en un café” and “Anoche me enamoré”, the festival, considered a cultural oasis in the desert, will be inaugurated.

The border rock and roll group will not be the only one representing Sonora at HOCO Fest, an event that brings together more than 40 artists from the United States and other countries. There will also be Sgt. Papersa psych punk duo formed in Hermosillo by the brothers Jesús and Felipe García. In addition to the HOCO, Sgt. Papers will be in other cities for their 2022 Tour, including San Francisco, Tempe, San Diego, Seattle and more.

Margaritas Podridas, a band from Hermosillo with noise, grunge and shoegaze influences, will also be present at the HOCO Fest, which has already produced 16 editions. Carolina Enríquez, Esli Meuly, Alfonso López and Rafael Armenta are the talents behind Margaritas Podridas, formerly Rotten Daisies. This year they will also play in cities around the United States such as San Francisco, Pasadena and Oakland, among others.

HOCO Fest will host the first Annual Sonoran Desert Sustainability Summit

The HOCO festival proves to be more than just music. This edition includes activities such as the first Annual Sonoran Desert Sustainability Summit. This event will take place on September 3, headlined by one of the creators of the Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground, together with the Sonoran singer-songwriter Caloncho. Another noro talent!

Naranja a Morado, one of the most recent songs by singer-songwriter Caloncho, which is dedicated to Sonora. Other artists from the Northwest collaborate with Caloncho. Courtesy: Caloncho.

“The summit’s goal is to foster the connection between creative and ambitious minds to build a more regenerative future in the Sonoran desert, which is currently on the front lines of the climate crisis, water scarcity, food insecurity, desertification and extensive drought. If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere,” commented the festival’s organizing team.

Within the environmental awareness activities of the HOCO Fest there will also be a waste classification program in collaboration with the permaculture and aquaponics organization, Awareness Ranch.

desierto de sonora
View of the Sonoran Desert, approximately 30 miles west of Maricopa, Arizona. Sustainability is an important issue in the Sonora-Arizona region.

At the Regenerate AZ summit, the discussion will take place, where in addition to Caloncho and the producer of the Netflix documentary, there will be personalities from the gastronomic world, researchers, farmers, permaculturists and more public figures from Arizona.

For more information about HOCO Fest, visit www.hocofest.com

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