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Mexico will be the first Spanish-speaking country to have a Microsoft data center

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Microsoft’s data center in Mexico, the first in Latin America, will offer storage and processing of millions of data per second.

The information was presented by Microsoft Mexico, announcing that the center will be installed in Querétaro. With this move, it is intended for other companies to establish themselves in the country and benefit from the data center.

This fact puts Mexico as the first Spanish-speaking country to have a Microsoft data center, which will offer companies information storage, strengthened security, speed in electronic procedures, and sustainability.

Microsoft Mexico’s President, Rafael Sanchez Loza, explained that the company has more than 200 data centers in operation worldwide.

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What is a Microsoft data center?

A Data Center, or data center, is a large-scale building that houses the essential computer equipment for processing and storing all the information of a business. Companies can have their own Data Processing Center (DPC) or entrust their information to companies that offer DPC services.

Companies trust “the cloud” to keep their information secure, available, reliable, and without having to invest in their own physical servers.

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Microsoft DPC in Querétaro.

There are different models of Microsoft data centers. For the one in Querétaro, it is planned to be state-of-the-art. It will be seven times faster than the one located in the state of Texas, in the United States.

Lupina Loperena, Director of Philanthropy at Microsoft Mexico, reported that as part of the company’s social commitment in the country, they are training approximately 300 people who will be given a job opportunity.

Not only will jobs with digital skills be created, but there will also be natural improvements in public spaces. It will strengthen connectivity in Mexico and digital transformation.

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Sources: America Digital News

With its installation in Queretaro, Microsoft developed a project in collaboration with UN-Habitat, generating a study that includes 18 recommendations in four key points: social development and community strengthening, urban development and environmental sustainability, economic development and local employment, as well as inclusive planning and effective governance.

That is why this new data center will operate based on sustainable development goals, with sustainable energy and cooling, and a water recycling system that aims to return water back to the environment. This was reported by the governor of the state, Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez.

What services do Microsoft data centers offer?

During a press conference with the media, Christian Viany, the company’s Director of Operations, stated that “It is not a data center that connects to other places in the world to transmit information, it is a massive construction with the latest technology that allows for information residency areas.”

Different manufacturing, banking, and financial technology companies will benefit from the services that this type of project offers.

Being state-of-the-art facilities, the data center region enables more efficient network deployment, reduces latency, and maintains the residency of important data and information throughout the Mexican region.

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Credits: Noticias de Querétaro.

Microsoft Azure

According to Microsoft, Azure is a cloud computing platform created by Microsoft to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services using its data centers.

This platform serves companies that hire it on a larger scale, primarily.

Sources: Microsoft News, Sol de México, Solili, Tecon

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