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Experiencing the 2024 Solar Eclipse from a Mexico Cruise

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UnCruise Adventures has launched a cruise to enjoy the solar eclipse that will occur in April 2024, so that anyone who wishes can experience this event in Mexican waters.

The cruise company UnCruise Adventures has announced that reservations are now open for the dedicated solar eclipse cruise in Baja California, which will depart on April 6, 2024, touring the Gulf of California and has 66 cabins available.

This seven-night adventure cruise offers an experience in natural landscapes and the contemplation of the solar eclipse that will occur on April 8, 2024. In turn, it includes the exploration of the waters of Baja California, another one of Mexico’s great destinations.

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The CEO of UnCruise Adventures spoke with Portal Cruceros: ‘I highly recommend the Eclipse cruise for anyone looking for a truly unique and adventurous experience’. Our Belize Eclipse 2023 cruise sold out quickly and we expect the same for the Baja Eclipse 2024 cruise.

This cruise offers departure from San Jose del Cabo on day one. On the second day of the trip, it is possible to access marine life. On day three, it will be the key point of this experience where all the crew will set their eyes on the sky to see the solar eclipse.

On the fourth day of adventure, the Gulf of California is once again available for whale and dolphin watching. On day five, the stop is at San Francisco Island, and on the sixth day, at Los Islotes, where you can interact with sea lions or have a beach party. Before disembarking, everyone who takes the cruise will make a stop at the Safari Voyager in the Bay of La Paz.

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Credits: Portal Cruceros

Important aspects to consider when taking the cruise offered by UnCruise Adventures

The company, which has cruises operating all over the world, provides the convenience of flights with roundtrip entry and exit to San Jose del Cabo, adhering to safe tourism guidelines. In addition, it includes airport transfers.

Another detail to keep in mind on this 2024 cruise is that an expert will be present to provide all the details you need to know about the solar eclipse when you witness it.

Included in this trip, travelers will be able to discover the history of Baja California Sur, as well as being part of a great moment in the Pacific Ocean.

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The cruise has experienced guides and naturalists on board each trip to educate everyone who participates about the culture of the places they visit and to familiarize themselves with the surprises that each site has to offer.

Those who take the cruise can participate in daily activities to get to know the marine life of the region. The cruise provides snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding for those who wish to engage in these activities.

It is a collective experience that combines different sea and land activities, and in this edition, a view of space to witness the solar eclipse from an incomparable setting.

“Other details of the cruise, such as rates or additional information, can be consulted directly on the UnCruise Adventures website.

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Credits: National Geographic

How a solar eclipse happens?

According to the geophysics department of UNAM, solar eclipses occur when we observe from Earth that the Moon is hiding the Sun. For this to happen, the Sun, Moon, and Earth must align, meaning they must be placed along a straight line. Then, the shadow of the Moon, called the umbra, covers a small area of the Earth. In that location, a total solar eclipse can be perceived.

sources: UnCruise, MVS Noticias, Infotour Latam, Portal Cruceros

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