Charles Blackman, el vampiro de La Purísima en Baja California Sur.

Blackman: The Vampire Legend of Baja California Sur, Mexico

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One of the most popular legends of La Purísima, Baja California Sur, is that of Charles Blackman, a foreigner whom the townspeople nicknamed “The Vampire of La Purísima” due to a legend filled with mysticism and dark events.

In La Purísima, located in the municipality of Comondú, Baja California Sur, there exists a legend that all the locals know from beginning to end, and they share it with every traveler who arrives in the town.

Passport of Charles Blackman, the vampire of La Purísima.
Passport of Charles Blackman Photo: Culco BCS

According to the stories told by the local inhabitants, Charles Blackman was a foreigner who arrived to work in the town as a mechanical engineer at a mining company called “El Boleo”. The first mystery of the story is that the exact date of Charles Blackman’s arrival is unknown, as no records have been found. However, all indications point to it being in the late 19th century.

Indeed, the nickname “El Vampiro de La Purísima” given to Charles Blackman implies a story filled with mysticism, as it is not common for someone to be referred to in such a way. The use of the term “vampire” in the nickname adds an element of intrigue and suggests that there is more to the story than meets the eye. You are correct that Blackman’s surname resembles “Blakman,” a word used to refer to vampires or creatures of the night in Europe and the United States. This similarity adds an interesting layer to the story, connecting it to vampire folklore and further enhancing the mysterious and supernatural aspects associated with Charles Blackman.

The story of Charles Blackman and Loreto Osuna

Charles Blackman always dressed in black, a characteristic that caught the attention of the local people. He met Loreto Osuna, a young woman from a well-to-do family of the time, and he fell madly in love with her. They began a courtship that quickly turned into marriage, and they decided to move to La Purísima, a place that was very difficult to access at that time, as there was only one land road.

Their dream of becoming pregnant came true soon after, in 1912. However, Loreto began experiencing labor pains prematurely, so Charles took his horse and left the town in search of help. Loreto lost her life on the way, as the journey was very long.

Charles was devastated, and his usual black attire was now accompanied by a forlorn countenance and a harsh, solitary demeanor. As a result, people began to call him a vampire because he would walk alone at night, searching for answers about what had happened to his wife and child.

3 vampiro de la purisima
Photo: Cultura Choyera

Charles had a mausoleum built for his wife and child, and he would visit the cemetery every day, spending hours at their graves. Gradually, Charles stopped appearing in public, and rumors spread that he was seen on a ship filled with coffins, claiming that his wife was in one of them. It is said that Loreto was exhumed in 1918.

The Return of the Vampire to La Purísima

Approximately three decades ago, a teacher from the town spread a legend that has kept the entire village frightened but has also served as a boost to tourism in this area of Baja California Sur.

According to the legend, before his death in 1921, Blackman cast a curse upon the town. In the years following his death, strange illnesses and deaths from various ailments started occurring in the region. It was believed that his ultimate revenge would come 100 years later when he would reincarnate to seek vengeance. If the legend were true, the reincarnation of the vampire of La Purísima would have already been born in La Purísima.

5 vampiro de la purisima
Photo: Radio Fórmula

The graves of Loreto and Charles are located side by side in the Cemetery of La Purísima. Both graves have the same white architecture, but there is one marked difference: Loreto’s grave has a cross on the top, while Blackman’s grave does not. It is said that the cross would inexplicably fall to the ground, even after being repositioned multiple times.

Would you dare to visit the graves of Loreto and Charles Blackman?

Sources: Radio Fórmula, BCS Noticias, Análisis Periodísticos, El Sudcaliforniano

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