Tombstone in Arizona is the world famous cowboy town

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Tombstone, Arizona. The place where time stopped in 1890 is the most famous cowboy town in the world, Tombstone, Arizona..

Have you ever dreamed of being in a shootout like in the Old West? Or walking into a bar as a stranger and all the tough guys staring at you while they drank alcohol from an old iron jar and adjusted a toothpick between their teeth? Not even?

Tombstone, Arizona is the place where visitors can get up close and see what life was like in the Old West. They can live the experience of being part of a town with all these features, with its inhabitants, saloons, casino, tavern, and much more.

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Credits: Y Travel Blog / Tombstone, Arizona.

This town allows you to travel back in time and see the inhabitants searching for silver in the mines. A shootout between outlaws and, without even straining your ears, you can hear the spurs jingling on the cowboy’s boots.

The iconic place is only two hours away from Nogales, Sonora, on the Mexican border. Like much of this area, Tombstone has hot summers and winters with mild days and cold nights.

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Créditos: Library Of Congress / Tombstone, Arizona

The current population of Tombstone is around 1,500. They are the ones who keep the essence of the place alive, traveling in horse-drawn carriages.

The adventures that visitors can experience in this cowboy town are endless, from stagecoaches and carriages to shootouts and acrobatics. And for the most daring, there are tours featuring legends and ghosts. The men and women of Tombstone are very proud of the era they still live in and consider it one of the best.

A town too tough to die.

The favorite places of visitors to this destination are Allen Street, an ideal place for travelers to take photos with the locals and in the storefronts. In the Boothill Cemetery, you can read the cold epitaphs of the deaths from that era, such as “We hung him by mistake.”

In the Boothill Cemetery, you can read the cold epitaphs of the deaths from that era, such as “We hung him by mistake.”

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Credits: The Mercury News.

This emblematic place is located in Cochise County. The motto of the city of Tombstone is “The town too tough to die.”

What are some typical dishes to try in Tombstone

If after stopping by the bar your stomach craves something to eat, ideal places could be the Crystal Palace, where they serve sandwiches, salads, and meats. And at Café Margarita, the specialty is Mexican food: tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. They have live music on weekends.

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Credits: Tombstone Chamber of Commerce / Tombstone, Arizona.

How to get to this Old West town of Tombstone, Arizona

The two nearest airports to Tombstone, Arizona are located in Tucson and Phoenix. Of the two, Tucson airport is the closest, only about an hour and a half away from the adventure of the Old West. On the way to Tombstone, visitors can also explore the Grand Canyon and the rocks of Sedona. Visitors can also take in the sights of the Sonoran Desert or visit some indigenous reservations. The landscapes that connect Sonora and Arizona are full of surprises to be appreciated with an explorer’s eyes.

Ready to have a shootout in the Old West, cowboy? Tombstone has everything to make it happen.

Sources: Viajero Peligro, Travel in USA.

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