¿Qué está pasando en China? Esto se sabe de la enfermedad respiratoria que afecta a niños

What’s happening in China? This is known about the respiratory illness affecting children.

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What is known about the respiratory disease affecting children in China, the symptoms, and the measures and recommendations from the World Health Organization.

For the past few weeks, China has been facing a medical mystery that has captured global attention and has put the World Health Organization on alert. (OMS), it’s about a respiratory illness that is primarily affecting children, leading to a significant increase in cases of pneumonia in various cities across the country.

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Photo: El Mundo

ProMed, the global disease outbreak monitoring system, issued an alert about an epidemic of “undiagnosed pneumonia” in children in the Asian country. Hospitals in cities like Beijing and Liaoning have reported a massive influx of children suffering from pneumonia.

Some reports indicate that many of these children do not exhibit typical symptoms such as cough but instead have high fever and develop lung nodules, according to ProMed.

The possibility was also raised that this outbreak may be related to Mycoplasma pneumoniae, also known as “walking pneumonia.” This bacterium, which causes symptoms such as sore throat, fatigue, and persistent cough, has experienced an increase, coinciding with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is requesting information from China about the disease.

The WHO has requested that the country’s authorities provide detailed information about this outbreak, including epidemiological data, laboratory results, and trends in pathogen circulation.

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Photo: Onda Cero

The organization also issued recommendations to the population to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

International concern adds to previous criticisms of China for lack of transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the current uncertainty, the WHO is seeking collaboration and clarity from Chinese authorities to understand and effectively address this mysterious respiratory illness.

What has China said about this disease?

On November 13th, the Chinese government explained that the increase in respiratory diseases was due to the lifting of epidemiological restrictions.

This winter, China is experiencing a season with a high incidence of respiratory diseases, and the lack of preventive measures since 2019 has led to an increase in the circulation of infectious pathogens.

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Sources: El Norte de Castilla

However, it wasn’t until November 21st that the media began to mention a pneumonia of unknown origin in the northern part of the country.

Amidst the uncertainty, China’s response is still awaited, and global epidemiological systems are monitoring for any updates. Meanwhile, the Chinese population and the international community await with concern to understand the true nature of this new respiratory disease and the measures that will be taken to control it.

Measures proposed by the WHO (World Health Organization).

The WHO has proposed to China a set of preventive measures similar to those implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of curbing a potential increase in the incidence of respiratory diseases.

Among these measures, vaccination stands out as a tool to strengthen the population’s immunity. Additionally, it emphasizes the need to maintain distance from sick individuals, stay home when experiencing symptoms, undergo testing for detection, wear face masks, ensure good ventilation in homes, and promote handwashing.

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Photo: El País

The call for the adoption of these preventive measures aims not only to contain the spread of the current respiratory disease affecting children in China but also to establish an effective framework for addressing future public health challenges, reinforcing the importance of global collaboration and transparency in managing health crises.

Do you think this disease in China will be resolved soon?

Sources: N+, Página 21, El País, Xakata

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