Rocking Baja Festival: un estallido de rock y cheve artesanal en Ensenada

Rocking Baja Festival: rock and craft beer in Ensenada

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Music lovers from Baja California will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the Rocking Baja Festival, where live music and craft beer will blend to offer a unique experience.

The exciting Rocking Baja Festival is back, and this second edition promises to be even more spectacular than the first. With an explosive combination of live rock music and high-quality craft beer, this event will take place on September 23rd at the Valle Dorado Stadium in Ensenada, Baja California. With an explosive combination of live rock music and high-quality craft beer, this event will take place on September 23rd at Valle Dorado Stadium in Ensenada, Baja California.

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photo: Rocking Baja Festival

The festival will feature an impressive lineup of artists who will make the attendees groove and promises a day full of energy and fun.

One of the distinctive features of this festival is its commitment to the highest quality craft beer. In this edition, attendees will have the pleasure of tasting a variety of beers produced by Wendlandt Brewery, one of the most prominent craft breweries in Mexico. The perfect combination of live music and top-notch craft beer guarantees a unique experience for the attendees.

The lineup for the Rocking Baja Festival

This year’s lineup is a true gem for music lovers. Among the standout guests are Panteón Rococó, a band famous for their stage energy; Aterciopelados, the Colombian band that blends alternative rock with Latin American rhythms; La Sucursal de la Cumbia, with tropical rhythms and catchy cumbia; Tokadiscos, experts at creating a party atmosphere with their music, and The Dominos, a local band that promises to ignite the attendees with their energy.

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photo: Rocking Baja Festival

The Rocking Baja Festival not only offers top-notch music but also a wide variety of culinary options and activities to ensure the satisfaction of all attendees. From food trucks with delicious culinary options to relaxation areas and family entertainment, this festival has something for everyone.

Festival prices

The price of tickets for the Rocking Baja Festival varies depending on the location within the venue. For those who wish to enjoy the event from the General Seating, the cost will be $250, an affordable option for music lovers. However, if you’re looking for a more privileged view from the Side Seating, the price goes up to $550 pesos, which is still affordable for an enhanced experience.

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Those who want to experience the excitement from the Field Level will need to invest $900 pesos, a price that ensures an unforgettable experience alongside their favorite artists. For true enthusiasts who desire a VIP experience and a view from the backstage, Extreme tickets are available for $1,450, providing a unique and luxurious perspective for those who want to stand out at the festival. With options for all tastes and budgets, the Rocking Baja Festival offers an unparalleled musical experience.

Where can I get tickets for the Rocking Baja Festival?

Tickets for the Rocking Baja Festival are available through the Boletia online page and at local sales points. Tickets are limited, so it is recommended that those interested secure their spot as soon as possible.

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photo: Rocking Baja Festival

If you’re looking for an unparalleled experience that combines live music, top-notch craft beer, and the vibrant atmosphere of Ensenada, the Rocking Baja Festival is the event you can’t miss on September 23rd. Get ready to rock and enjoy a unique experience in Baja California!

The Rocking Baja Festival offers a range of ticket options to fit different budgets. With mid-range prices for Side Seating and Field Level, the festival strives to ensure that all attendees have the opportunity to enjoy live music from their favorite artists in their own way.

Escape to the Rocking Baja Festival?

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