Pitaya Rosa del Claudia Horta, el primer vino mexicano en venderse en Disney California Adventure

Valle de Guadalupe wine is sold at Disney California Adventure.

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The Pink Pitaya wine, crafted in Valle de Guadalupe, is featured at Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney California Adventure.

The Mexican wine Pitaya Rosa, hailing from Valle de Guadalupe, is winning over the taste buds of visitors at the world’s most famous theme park: Disney California Adventure.

This achievement is not only a triumph for Casta de Vinos and Valle de Guadalupe, but also a celebration of hope and resilience in the fight against breast cancer.

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Photo: Uniradio Informa

Casta de Vinos’ venture into Disney California Adventure is the result of over a year of negotiations, which began with the park executives’ visit to the winery.

“They came to our winery, the executives liked the winery, they liked the wines, and from there we started negotiations,” Claudia commented to Uniradio Informa. The official presentation will take place on March 15th at the Carthay Circle Restaurant.

She extended the invitation to people from NORO who happen to be at Disney California Adventure that day, as a formal dinner will take place at 6:00 PM to finalize the negotiation, and starting from that day, the wine will be available on the menu at Carthay Circle Restaurant.

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Photo: Disney Parks

The Pitaya Rosa wine is a testament to resilience

The Pitaya Rosa wine is a symbol of struggle and hope, originally designed in honor of a friend of Claudia’s who lost the battle against breast cancer. For over a decade, Pitaya Rosa has been a staunch advocate for raising awareness and prevention of this disease.

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Photo: Delish

“I’ve dedicated this wine for over 10 years to the fight against breast cancer, raising awareness, promoting prevention through campaigns, and donating in various ways for this noble cause. And precisely this vintage means a lot more to me because it’s created in memory of my mom who died of cancer,” shares Horta.

From Valle de Guadalupe to Disney California Adventure, the Pitaya Rosa wine carries a profound message of love, struggle, and hope. This journey not only highlights the excellence of Mexican wines on international stages but also underscores the importance of early detection and the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

Claudia Horta, a woman with conviction

Claudia Horta leads a business empire that includes Sports Fan, with six branches, the Casta de Vinos winery, the Baja Terra restaurant and wine shop, and the sports bar Medio Tiempo.

“I’m a wild colt, I don’t like being controlled. At the end of the day, what I want is to be free, because I produce more with this freedom than having someone on my back telling me what to do,” warns Horta Meza.

This philosophy is not only reflected in her business approach but also in the crafting of her wines, which are recognized for their disruptive method.

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Photo: Instagram @claudiahortawine

Claudia Horta Meza’s story is a lesson on how passion, innovation, and social commitment can elevate a Mexican wine to the renowned global entertainment platform that is Disney California Adventure.

Her 97 medals won at national and international levels, along with exports to destinations such as Spain, Greece, Portugal, and California in the USA, demonstrate the quality and innovation that characterize Casta de Vinos wines.

When are you traveling to Disney to try a wine from Valle de Guadalupe?

Sources: Uniradio Informa, Yo Bien Informado, Vid Mexicana

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