ATP Los Cabos: estrellas confirmadas y la nueva fecha el Abierto de Tenis

ATP Los Cabos: Confirmed Stars and New Date for the Tennis Open.

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The next edition of ATP Los Cabos has a new date. The director of the Los Cabos Open and COO of Mextenis, José Antonio “Geoffrey” Fernández, he spoke with NORO about the eighth edition of this sports event.

The next edition of the Los Cabos Tennis Open is shaping up to be an exceptional event on the world tennis calendar. In a conversation with José Antonio “Geoffrey” Fernández, director of the Los Cabos Tennis Open and COO of Mextenis, he revealed details about what fans can expect in this edition, which will take place from February 19 to 24, in contrast to its traditional summer date.

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Credit: Los Cabos Tennis Open

Geoffrey Fernández emphasized that the choice of February as the new date for the tournament brings with it an optimal climate, with temperatures ranging from 22-25 degrees, providing a perfect setting for world-class tennis.

This decision also allows matches to start earlier, and spectators to enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere during the evenings.

Four players from the Top 10 have been confirmed for the ATP Los Cabos

Fernández stated that, thanks to the fact that the Los Cabos Open will take place one week before the Mexican Tennis Open in Acapulco, they managed to attract an impressive group of players. This year, the ATP Los Cabos presents a historic milestone by featuring four players from the ATP Top 10 ranking.

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Photo: Los Cabos Tennis Open

Among the notable players are the Danish Holger Rune, the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipás, Casper Ruud, and Alexander Zverev, who promise to deliver an exciting spectacle on the courts of Los Cabos.

“We are announcing four wonderful players, and for the first time in the history of the tournament in Los Cabos, we have four Top 10 players. It may sound easy, but the truth is that it’s extremely complex. To have an event with four top 10 players, we don’t see that happening, to be honest. And this makes this year extremely important and different from what we have been doing,” commented Fernández.

A selection that attracts tennis enthusiasts

Fernández highlighted the excitement generated by players like Tsitsipás and Zverev, who, along with other emerging talents like Casper Ruud and Holger Rune, are establishing a new line of stars in the world of tennis.

2 atp loscabos
Photo: Los Cabos Tennis Open

“We have seen that Tsitsipás is one of the most emblematic players on the tour, and now, we add Zverev, who is another one of those who are at a level where Nadal and Federer are,” he added.

The tournament director also mentioned the commitment to support Mexican talents, such as Rodrigo Pacheco, and pointed out that they will continue providing opportunities to national players in future editions.

The Tennis Open has a positive impact on Los Cabos

The Los Cabos Open has had a significant impact on promoting tennis in Mexico. Fernández emphasized that the event has helped create a tennis community in Los Cabos and La Paz, attracting new fans to the sport and generating steady growth in tennis enthusiasm in the country.

The choice of Los Cabos as the venue has great appeal due to its beautiful surroundings and the hospitality of the Mexicans. Furthermore, the proximity to the United States and Canada makes it easier for players to participate in the tournament as part of their preparation for upcoming events.

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Photo: Los Cabos Tennis Open

Regarding the economic impact, Fernández pointed out, “Last year, we had an economic impact of 117 million pesos. When we started, it was at 83 million. We have grown considerably, and next year we will surely exceed $120 million,” he commented.

The event also contributes to job creation, with approximately a thousand employees hired directly and around two thousand indirectly.

The future of ATP Los Cabos

Regarding the long-term vision, Fernández expressed the ambition to establish the Los Cabos Open as the best tournament in its category and aspire to a 500-level category in the future.

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Photo: Los Cabos Tennis Open

“There are 38 tournaments at the 250 level, among which I believe we are in the top 3. However, a vision in the not-so-distant future is to move up to a 500-level category, but for that, we have to be the best and have full attendance throughout the week. We’re moving in that direction, taking responsible steps and making responsible decisions to achieve this goal,” he explained.

Geoffrey Fernández invited tennis fans to join them in this edition, emphasizing that it is a 100% Mexican event: “I believe that these types of events are the ones we should be proud of, attend, and continue to promote so that they continue to be created. These are events that elevate the name of Los Cabos and Mexico, and, of course, provide a platform for Mexican players to have the opportunity to grow in the rankings,” he concluded.

Will there be a leak for the next edition of the Los Cabos Tennis Open?

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