Multan a Natanael Cano en Chihuahua por hacer apología al delito

Natanael Cano is fined in Chihuahua for promoting criminal activity

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The creator of “corridos tumbados,” Natanael Cano, received a fine from the government of Chihuahua for performing corridos that promote criminal activity and advocate violence against women.

The pioneer of “corridos tumbados,” Natanael Cano, is facing a fine of over one million pesos in the state of Chihuahua because, during his concert on September 22nd, he performed songs that, according to authorities, promote criminal activity and violence against women.

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In the report filed by the Chihuahua City Council, a fine of 12,000 Units of Measure and Update (UMAs) is indicated, totaling $1,244,880 pesos.

Pedro Oliva, in charge of the Municipal Governance subdirector, and Federico Muruato, who led the inspectors from the Department of Alcohols, supervised the concert from its beginning to its conclusion and filed the report upon noticing that the songs performed by the artist were not allowed according to the Civic Justice Regulation and the Entertainment and Shows Regulation, specifically Article 34 and Articles 208, 209, and 222, respectively.

What will they do with Natanael Cano’s fine?

The money collected from the fine will be allocated to the DIF (Integral Family Development System) and the Municipal Institute for Women in Chihuahua, with the aim of supporting family care centers and confidential shelters for women victims of violence, as announced in the statement issued by the municipal government.

Natanael Cano opened his Twitch channel to become a streamer.
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It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Natanael Cano has been involved in controversies related to his music. Two weeks before his concert in Chihuahua, the singer had to post a bond of over half a million pesos as a prerequisite for his performance because his musical catalog is known for promoting criminal activity and advocating violence against women.

Why does Chihuahua fine corrido singers?

This action by the municipal government of Chihuahua is part of a broader measure that was implemented on July 26th when the Mayor, Marco Bonilla, announced the prohibition, by majority in the city council, of musical content, videos, images, or any other product that promotes violence against women or advocates for drug trafficking.

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While freedom of expression is respected, fines will be imposed on those who violate this provision, and the money collected will be allocated to shelters for women.

The Municipal Government of Chihuahua calls on promoters and artists to comply with the current regulations to promote a healthy environment at events held in Chihuahua territory.

There were arrests at Natanael Cano’s concert in Chihuahua.

The Municipal Directorate of Public Safety (DSPM) in Chihuahua reported the arrest of three individuals during Natanael Cano’s concert last Friday in the city, in addition to imposing a fine on the renowned singer.

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One of the detainees was arrested for committing an administrative offense at the event, while the other two face fraud charges. These individuals allegedly posed as a private security company, taking advantage of the occasion to defraud the attendees of the event.

According to local authorities’ investigations, the two individuals arrested for fraud were allegedly selling fake VIP access to the singer’s fans, promising non-existent privileges at the concert.

What do you think of these fines imposed by the Chihuahua government?

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