Lobos marinos de Baja California Sur serán protegidos por una alianza entre BBVA y Ectagono.

Alliance plans rescue of sea lions in Baja California Sur

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BBVA Mexico and Ectagono have expanded their alliance for local ecosystem restoration by incorporating a plan to rescue sea lions in Baja California Sur.

The coasts of the Pacific and the Gulf of California, which converge in Baja California Sur, are home to thousands of sea lions that are essential to the marine ecosystem. For the past few years, this species has been under threat due to human intervention, putting their survival at risk.

4 lobos marinos
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Fishing in the area causes many of them to become trapped in fishing nets or debris from fishing vessels. This leads to them developing skin cuts over time, which cause them a lot of pain in the long run.

In response to this increasingly common situation in this northwestern state, the alliance between BBVA Mexico and Extagono has planned several activities in areas with protection decrees and natural protected areas where this species thrives, with the aim of providing them with a better future.

Alliance for the Environment

“Conservation and restoration of natural areas is a time-consuming process, which is why we are pleased to renew our alliance with Extagono in order to further enhance these ecosystems and also contribute to job creation and support sustainable entrepreneurship,” said Sergio Torres Lebrija, Director of Strategy, Innovation, and Sustainability at BBVA.

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In a statement from the company, they affirmed that this alliance is a demonstration of their commitment to the country, its people, and its ecosystems, as well as the support they are willing to provide to sustainable enterprises that contribute to a greener future.

On the other hand, Erica Valencia, the founder and CEO of Extagono, stated, “Our strategic alliance has played a crucial role in driving innovation in the restoration of significant Mexican ecosystems, educational programs, and informative and inspiring communication.”

She also placed special emphasis on the fact that Mexico is a megadiverse region, so these alliances will help in seeking better solutions and developing improved plans in response to the changes taking place in nature.

Protection of Sea Lions

The work of the alliance in Baja California Sur will be focused on the protection and rescue of sea lions, as, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, this species is on the red list of endangered species, so any action taken for their care will help improve the situation.

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The alliance is launching a project that begins with monitoring in La Paz Bay, in two marine areas inhabited by the mammals: the La Lobera colony and the islet in San Rafaelito, followed by surveillance and research at key points where sea lions gather.

In addition to Baja California Sur, the alliance will work on other projects in Cozumel, Cuautla, and Mexico City, where they will have performance indicators that will allow them to track progress and achievements in real-time.

Sea lions are facing a complex situation

The situation that sea lions are currently facing is very complex. Mexico established protection programs and banned their hunting just four decades ago, as they were used as bait for shark fishing. “Although protection areas have been established for them in Baja California Sur, they still face dangers that threaten their lives.

2 lobos marinos
Photo: EFE Verde

According to information from the General Director of the Sea Lion Rescue Project, Eréndira Valle Padilla, in the last 30 years, sea lions in the Gulf of California have experienced a population decline of at least 60%, while on the Pacific side, they have lost 40% of their population. Actions like those of this alliance ensure a better future for marine life in the northwest.

What other action do you think should be taken to ensure the survival of sea lions?

Sources: Heraldo de México, BBVA, Big Fish

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