La carrera de Julio Urías pende de un hilo tras acusaciones de violencia doméstica

Julio Urías’s career hangs by a thread following allegations of domestic violence.

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Sinaloan pitcher Julio Urías is going through a controversial moment in his career, as he has been accused of domestic violence in Los Angeles, California. This led the Dodgers, his team, to suspend him indefinitely.

The professional future of the Mexican pitcher for the Dodgers, Julio Urías, finds himself in a challenging situation after facing accusations of domestic violence for the second time. The news has shaken the baseball world and raised questions about the player’s role within the organization.

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The reported allegations of violence are currently under investigation by the authorities, and due to the seriousness of the matter, MLB has suspended his participation in games indefinitely. As a result, the Culiacán native will have his first hearing on September 27, where the charges will be read, as there is a video that substantiates the accusations against him.

Urías was arrested after authorities received a call from a concerned resident about a domestic dispute following the soccer match between LADFC and Inter Miami. When the police arrived at the scene, they gathered enough evidence to proceed with his arrest.

The police have evidence to proceed with Julio Urías’s case.

According to reports from ESPN and the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Police Department possesses a video that implicates Julio Urías in a domestic violence incident last Sunday, just outside the BMO Stadium.

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Urías was released after posting a $50,000 bail, and his first appearance, where charges against him will be presented, is scheduled for September 27th. The video will serve as evidence of the allegations.

Despite claims that Urías violently assaulted his partner on multiple occasions, a TMZ Sports report, supported by eyewitness accounts, indicates that he pushed her against a fence without further physical contact.

Urías is currently in his second administrative suspension for domestic violence in his career, becoming the first player in Major League Baseball history to face this measure twice since its implementation in 2015.

Julio Urías’s merchandise up for auction

Although Urías’s case is still pending, MLB is taking additional steps, such as offering discounts on Culichi merchandise. A price reduction on Urías’s jersey has gone viral on TikTok. Initially sold for $94.99, it is now available for $44.99 due to his current legal situation.

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Due to his role as a closer in the 2020 World Championship, Urías had prominence in various collectible products and souvenirs that were for sale in the team’s official store. However, these items have been removed or altered during the past week.

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Although his guilt has not yet been determined, if Urías were to be found guilty, this could lead to the end of his career with the Dodgers, in addition to any penalties imposed by the court’s decision.

The Dodgers’ mural featuring Julio Urías was “canceled.”

As the situation remains unresolved, at Dodger Stadium, one of the murals featuring the Mexican-born player has been “canceled” or removed from public view.

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According to an image shared by Twitter user @DealingRugs, the well-known mural depicting Julio Urías celebrating the 2020 World Series championship has been covered with a tarp, suggesting a reaction from the team amid the controversies surrounding the player. This act could symbolize a temporary separation or distancing from Urías while his legal situation is being resolved.

How do you think this case will be resolved?

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