Alemania financiará proyecto de sustentabilidad en Mazatlán

Germany to finance sustainability project in Mexico

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The alliance between Hamm, in Germany, and Mazatlán, in Sinaloa, Mexico, will finance a sustainability project, strengthening environmental education and environmental protection.

Authorities from Germany, specifically from Hamm, are in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, with the purpose of financially supporting a sustainability project as part of the twinning between both cities, signed last May.

This agreement aims to promote strategic projects for sustainability and public health in the coastal municipality.

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A delegation composed of representatives from Hamm, including Volker Burgard, head of the Department of Environment; Uwe Sauerland, director of the City Hall Office; and Robert Remnhgorst, in charge of Solid Waste and Cleaning Operations, arrived in Mazatlán to conduct an in-depth investigation into the needs and opportunities regarding sustainability, public health, and the environment.

This knowledge exchange will extend over two weeks, during which various aspects of the project to be financed will be thoroughly analyzed.

Several actions are being considered for this financing

According to Volker Burgard, one of the main objectives of this visit is to determine which specific project will receive 90% of the funding.

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Among the considered options is the construction of an environmental education center, which would aim to provide free training to children and young people on crucial topics such as waste separation, pollution, recycling, responsible consumption, and environmental protection.

The collaboration between Mazatlán and Hamm is not something new; in fact, it dates back to 1978. However, the twinning agreement signed in 2023 has further strengthened this relationship, allowing the exchange of experiences and resources in fundamental areas such as waste management, climate change, environmental protection, and public health.

Commitment and mutual support between Germany and Sinaloa

The commitment of the German authorities to the sustainable development of Mazatlán is evident in their willingness to finance projects that directly address environmental challenges and promote environmental awareness among the local population.

This long-term approach reflects the shared vision of both cities regarding the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

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The head of the Department of Environment in Hamm acknowledged the commitment and interest of the authorities in Mazatlán to promote sustainability, public health, and environmental protection. He expressed his decision to support the municipality’s efforts in this regard.

On their part, the municipal authorities of Mazatlán expressed their gratitude for the close relationship and commitment between both cities. They assured that the chosen project will contribute significantly to education, awareness, and environmental protection in the region.

A promising future for Mazatlán

The future of Mazatlán looks promising thanks to the decision to finance this sustainability project in the region. This initiative will not only have a positive impact on the local community but will also mark an achievement in international cooperation to address global environmental challenges.

Backed by the commitment and guidance of the authorities in Hamm, Mazatlán is on track to become a beacon of sustainable development, not only for Mexico but for the entire world.

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Mazatlán’s mayor, Edgar González Zataráin, expressed gratitude for the commitment and collaboration of both cities, emphasizing that the chosen project will have a significant impact on education, awareness, and environmental protection.

Mazatlán consolidates its position as a pioneer in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. This is an exciting moment in the city’s history, where the vision of a greener and more prosperous future is becoming a tangible reality.

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Sources: Punto Mx, Línea Directa Portal, Debate

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