Christian Nodal comparte fotos sin tatuajes en el rostro

Christian Nodal shares photos without tattoos on his face

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The Sonoran Christian Nodal shared on social media his new image without tattoos on his face.

Christian Nodal, the Sonoran proclaimed as one of the foremost representatives of Mexican regional music, is once again the center of attention on social media, this time for sharing images of himself without tattoos on his face.

Christian Nodal shares photos without tattoos on his face.
Photo: Instagram @nodal

Since announcing his breakup with Belinda, his activity on digital platforms has been more noticeable, and in recent days, he surprised everyone with a radical change in his appearance.

What started as covering up a tattoo on his forehead turned into a complete metamorphosis that sparked comments from his followers on social media.

The origin of Christian Nodal’s change

Before the birth of his daughter with Cazzu, Christian Nodal mentioned that he would like to remove the tattoos from his face so that his little one could know him just as he is. A few months after welcoming her, these are the singer’s first steps to achieve his new look.

christian nodal sin tatuajes 7
Photo: Instagram @nodal

In the first images shared by the singer, Nodal also sports a different hairstyle than he usually wears, and although there is no trace of tattoos on his face, you can still see the ones he has on his abdomen and arms.

His new appearance prompted many of his followers to make comparisons and create memes that they share on social media. All of them comparing him to different characters.

What happened to Christian Nodal’s face tattoos?

These photos are the first ones shared after a year of treatment to completely remove them. Previously, the singer had already shared stories and videos about what he has experienced during the treatment, as well as photos where you could see the changes in his face.

christian nodal sin tatuajes 6
Photo: Instagram @nodal

Although in the photos it is evident that this change was made using makeup, in his latest photos, you can perceive that little by little they have been fading away, however, some are still noticeable.

In the Instagram post, comments like “You look so handsome without the tattoos on your face! My God! I’m in love!” and “Wow, so handsome” can be read.

Fans thank Cazzu for transforming Nodal

Christian Nodal’s post quickly filled with likes, but also with comments from people thanking Cazzu for the positive change in the singer, as they believe she transformed him for the better and to make him happy.

christian nodal sin tatuajes 3
Photo: Quién

“La Cazzu sí tiene buena mano”, “Qué pedo con este Nodal premium”, “Felicidades a Cazzu porque ella te transformó y te hizo renacer” – these are some of the comments that can be seen on the post.

After the post, Nodal shared photos through stories in which he can be seen again with his characteristic tattoos, making it clear that the image of him without any of them was only temporary.

Comparisons of Nodal

According to internet users, in the photos shared by Christian Nodal, he resembles Johnny Depp during his youth, specifically when he was starting out in the world of cinema in the 1980s.

christian nodal sin tatuajes 5
Photo: La Razón

Additionally, he was also compared to some characters from children’s television, like Dylan, a character from the “Bratz” movie who says the phrase “Brutal” and has become one of the favorite memes of internet users.

They also pointed out that the singer resembles Captain Levi Ackerman, a character from the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Attack on Titan).

christian nodal sin tatuajes 2
Photo: La Razón

With this momentary change, Christian Nodal makes it clear that he does not stick to any one style; on the contrary, since he rose to fame, there has been an evolution in his style that is often recognized by his followers.

What’s your favorite Christian Nodal look?

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