Nolo Mx, la marca sonorense que ha participado en la semana de la moda de Nueva York

Nolo Mx, a Mexican brand, making waves at New York Fashion Week

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The Mexican brand Nolo Mx, by Luis Corrales, has showcased its collections at New York Fashion Week, presenting under the Global Fashion Collective’s talent selection.

Luis Corrales, also known as Manolo, is the creative mastermind behind Nolo Mx, a Sonoran fashion brand. He began his career as a designer in 2017, following a visit to New York, where he was struck by the freedom of expression in the streetwear scene.

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His background in graphic design and interior design provided him with an original perspective in approaching fashion as an artistic medium to express personal ideas through clothing. Upon returning to Sonora, Mexico, eager to contribute to people’s personal style, he founded Nolo Mx in December 2017.

His appearance at international fashion events began quickly, participating in Intermoda, an event held in Mexico in the years 2018 and 2019.

In 2020, he secured his first participation in New York Fashion Week, presenting the Mexicanolo Collection, where he collaborated with the New York-based brand Sprayground, marking his global presence.

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Nolo Mx: A choice in Mexican fashion

Nolo Mx’s creations blend urban fashion with Mexican elements, which have become favorite pieces among the international audience.

His participation in New York Fashion Week 2020 as an emerging independent designer was recognition of his fresh proposal in streetwear.

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In 2022, following the rescheduling of fashion runways, he presented a children’s collection at Vancouver Kids Fashion Week, which he named Nolo Kiddos.

Manolo aimed for the audience to connect with their inner child, drawing inspiration from the early 2000s childhood. The runway showcased children of various ages wearing garments filled with bright colors, bold cuts, and a style reminiscent of the fashion from that era.

Success and collaborations of Nolo Mx

Nolo Mx stands out not only for its designs typical of the streetwear scene with a local touch but also for its collaborative approach. The brand has collaborated with both local and international artists, such as Avant Konami, with whom they worked to create new experiences that can be enjoyed through fashion.

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Furthermore, they have received support from the state and municipal government to represent Sonora at renowned international events, demonstrating that their work has an impact on culture.

Luis Corrales finds inspiration from various sources: creating something unprecedented or never before seen, capturing everyday imagery in clothing, his childhood, people, local culture, and blending with other influences such as music and urban art.

Nolo Mx at Milan Fashion Week 2023

Luis Corrales’ brand shone at Milan Fashion Week 2023 by presenting its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The Mexican brand was part of the prominent Global Fashion Collective, which showcased in Milan on September 23rd.

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As part of the program offered by Global Fashion Collective in Milan, seven emerging talents from around the world were showcased, including Nolo Mx, which stood out by presenting the latest trends of the season, offering a glimpse of what people will be wearing in the upcoming season.

Throughout its years of trajectory, Nolo Mx has managed to stand out as a Sonoran brand with a focus on urban fashion. Their designs, defined as somewhat aggressive yet with a strong social message and Mexican flair, have captured the attention of the international scene.

Would you like to wear a design from Nolo Mx?

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