Carín León se presentará en el escenario del Stagecoach, el festival de música country más importante de Estados Unidos.

Carin León will perform at Stagecoach, the largest country festival in the US

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The sensation of Mexican regional music, Carin León, joins the stage at Stagecoach, the largest country music festival in the United States.

The talented singer of Mexican regional music, Carin León, has taken a significant step in his career by being announced as part of the exciting lineup at Stagecoach, the largest and most important country music festival in the United States. This event, which over the years has been a point of reference in the American music scene, will take place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, from April 26 to 28, 2024.

Carin León
Photo: Los Angeles Times

A native of Hermosillo, Carin has earned a prominent place in the competitive world of Mexican regional music thanks to his unique voice and authentic style that has won the hearts of followers both in Mexico and abroad.

His participation at Stagecoach represents a significant achievement in his career, as it will allow him to present his music to a diverse and wide audience at one of the most prestigious musical events in the United States.

Carin León makes his way onto the international scene.

Stagecoach is known for its diverse musical lineup, which encompasses genres such as country, folk, bluegrass, and on this occasion, Mexican regional music. Carin León will join a stellar cast that includes some prominent names such as Miranda Lambert, Post Malone, Eric Church, among others.

The Hermosillo native stated through his social networks: “I am very excited to share this news with you. We will be singing at the Stagecoach festival and all this has been achieved thanks to you!!”.

4 carin leon
Photo: Stagecoach

The inclusion of Carin León in the festival is also a reflection of the growth and diversification of the music scene in the United States, where Latin genres, like Mexican regional music, have gained a considerable following and have become an integral part of the American musical culture.

Carin León’s fans and country music lovers can anticipate an electrifying performance at Stagecoach 2024, where the singer will offer an unforgettable show that fuses the authenticity of Mexican regional music with the energy of country music.

The regional has already become a global genre

Mexican regional music has been taken to different parts of the world by the Mexican diaspora. Many Mexicans and people of Mexican descent live in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world. This community has maintained their cultural and musical roots, which has contributed to the spread of Mexican regional music around the world.

5 carin leon
Photo: Infobae

Similarly, Mexican regional music has demonstrated a versatility that others do not possess, as there has been a fusion between diverse musical genres, making it more accessible to different audiences. For instance, Carin León has performed duets with Matisse, a pop genre band, and the Spanish trap artist C. Tangana.

Mexican regional music is heard all around the world due to a combination of the Mexican diaspora, the popularity of Latin music in general, the fusion of genres, universal themes, the success of iconic artists, and digital technology that has facilitated its dissemination. This music has managed to transcend cultural and geographical borders to reach diverse audiences all over the planet.

Where can I buy tickets for Stagecoach?

Tickets for the Stagecoach festival will be available starting Friday, September 15, with prices starting from 99 dollars, equivalent to 1,742 Mexican pesos. The sale will be exclusive through the page, and there will be several packages available.

On the other hand, between September 7 and October 8, Carin León has scheduled 17 concerts in various cities in the United States, including Glendale, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, before his anticipated performance at the Bullring in Mexico City on November 24 upon returning to Mexico.

Heading out to see Carin León?

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