Christian Nodal is showing off a new smile and looks expensive

Christian Nodal and his new tooth grillz

The Mexican singer Christian Nodal has revealed a fresh smile adorned with his latest accessory—a set of gold and diamond grillz, a reflection of his unique style and passion for fashion.

Once again, Christian Nodal, the Mexican singer, has astounded his fans with a lavish addition to his ensemble: a dazzling denture crafted from gold and diamonds. This acquisition, courtesy of the esteemed Mexican jewelry brand Braggao, has ignited a frenzy across social media and within the entertainment sphere.

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Photo: Sony Music

This brand has previously collaborated with various musical artists in Mexico, showcasing its ability to blend high-end jewelry with each client’s unique personality. This time, Christian Nodal opted for a personalized denture that includes designs with sapphires and diamonds.

On the upper teeth, Nodal selected customized fangs featuring a diamond frame and a central figure on each: a heart on the right side and a possibly Celtic-style cross on the left. These details not only enhance his smile but also reflect his distinctive style and love for high-end fashion.

How much did Christian Nodal’s denture cost?

Though Braggao has not disclosed the exact cost of the denture, it is estimated to range between $50,000 and $60,000, equivalent to approximately 1 million to 1.2 million pesos.

Video: Instagram @braggaomx

This price reflects the craftsmanship and luxury materials used in creating the dental jewel. It’s important to note that this isn’t the first collaboration between Nodal and Braggao; they previously worked together on creating a striking necklace in the singer’s style.

What changes is Christian Nodal making?

In addition to his new denture, Christian Nodal has been making several changes to his personal image in recent months. Among them, the removal of some tattoos, especially those on his face, stands out, suggesting an effort to present a more polished and refined image.

According to Nodal himself, these changes are motivated by the desire to be the best version of himself, especially now that he is a father, so that his daughter can see his face without alterations.

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Photo: Instagram @braggaomx

For the singer, this new denture signifies more than just a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of significant changes in his personal and professional life.

As he progresses in both his career and personal journey, his fans eagerly anticipate his next steps and eagerly await new music releases.

Negative reactions to Christian Nodal’s new accessory

The recent acquisition of Nodal’s latest accessory has stirred a wave of criticism among internet users, who didn’t hold back in expressing their dissatisfaction with what they deemed as frivolous spending by the celebrity.

Many highlighted the irony of investing such large sums of money in trivialities while poverty and hunger persist worldwide, labeling the action as insensitive. Others simply condemned it as a display of bad taste. Nevertheless, the singer’s most devoted followers rallied to his defense, lauding the piece and applauding his distinct style.

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Photo: Braggaomx

Among the mixed reactions, some didn’t hold back in describing the purchase as a display of vulgarity or “nacada.” Comments such as “So much hunger in the world and people with these things,” or “It’s more vulgar to pay for validation to feel important,” reflect the discontent of those who view ostentation as a symbol of detachment from reality.

However, Nodal’s devoted fans spared no compliments, emphasizing his prerogative to spend on whatever he wishes and staunchly defending his lifestyle.

What do you think of Nodal’s new grillz?

Sources: Diario de México, Caras, Hola!

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