Película grabada en Durango enaltece los paisajes del estado.

“The Dead Don’t Hurt”: New Western Filmed in Durango Revives the Film Industry

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A cinematic journey through the landscapes of Durango is showcased in ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’. With a stellar cast and a captivating narrative, this film showcases the natural beauty of the region.

Viggo Mortensen and Vicky Krieps, known for their roles in “The Lord of the Rings” and “Corsage,” respectively, collaborated in the creation of a western that challenges the traditional conventions of the genre, granting a leading role to women and empowering them with the film “The Dead Don’t Hurt“.

The film shot in Durango brought significant economic benefits to the state.
Photo: El Siglo de Durango

The film is backed by Talipot Studio, a Mexican company that is promoting “The Dead Don’t Hurt”, a film set in the city of San Francisco, California, in the 1860s, amidst the rise of the Wild West.

The state of Durango was the main setting for the film, currently in post-production, which tells the story of a young Franco-Canadian woman (Krieps) and her connection with a Danish immigrant (Mortensen).

Governor Esteban Villegas Villarreal shared on his social networks that, with the release of the movie ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’, Durango is revitalized as an important cinematic destination. He also highlighted that 90% of the film was shot in the stunning landscapes and settings of the state of Durango.

The film shot in Durango places it back in the film industry.

The producer of the film, Regina Solorzano, shared that this movie addresses themes of love, forgiveness, and revenge. She emphasized that they chose Durango as the filming location due to the deep love and respect they have for the film industry, as well as the astonishing visual potential of the region and the collaboration of the community.

3 pelicula durango
Photo: Food & Pleasure

In addition, she underscored the value of the audiovisual industry as a powerful tool to elevate Mexico’s image on the international stage, presenting the country as an extraordinary place full of possibilities, which could change the narrative of Mexico and all of Latin America on the global stage.

According to the Government of Durango, the making of the film generated an economic spill-over of 6 million dollars, which is equivalent to 120 million pesos, directly benefiting sectors such as hospitality, restaurants, transportation,

“The Death Don’t Hurt” exalts the beauty of Durango

Durango became the ideal setting for the production of the movie “The Dead Don’t Hurt,” a story of love, forgiveness, and revenge that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. In addition to its plot, the movie stands out for taking advantage of the rich architectural beauty of iconic locations such as Nombre de Dios, Pueblo Nuevo, and the capital city, Durango, to bring its most important scenes to life.

The town of Nombre de Dios, with its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, becomes a picturesque and evocative setting that transports viewers to a bygone era. Its old adobe houses and historic squares serve as the perfect backdrop for the scenes that recreate key moments in the movie.

4 pelicula durango
Photo: San Diego Union-Tribune

It was also filmed in Pueblo Nuevo, located at the foothills of the majestic Sierra Madre Occidental, which offers a completely different perspective. This place combines the natural beauty of its mountainous landscapes with the authenticity of its cultural traditions. In “The Dead Don’t Hurt,” Pueblo Nuevo becomes the backdrop for stunning scenes in which nature and local culture blend together in a spectacular way.

The streets of Durango’s capital, with their historical architecture, cobblestone streets, historic squares, and colonial buildings, provided an authentic and visually stunning setting for the most crucial scenes of the plot. The filmmakers knew how to make the most of Durango’s architectural richness to bring the narrative to life and immerse viewers in the story.

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