Carin León y Maluma es número 1 en tendencias de TIkTok gracias a “Según Quién”

Carin León and Maluma are number 1 in TikTok trends thanks to Según Quién.

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The song Según Quién by Carin León and Maluma is conquering TikTok thanks to a successful trend, which has already turned the song into an anthem of heartbreak.

Mexican regional music is experiencing an unprecedented boom, and one of the artists leading this movement is Carín León. But his popularity is not limited to the world of music, as he recently became number 1 in TikTok trends thanks to the viral trend Según Quién, in collaboration with the renowned Colombian singer Maluma.

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At a time when the Mexican regional genre has gained ground in the international music scene, this collaboration between Carín León and Maluma has captured the attention of millions of TikTok users worldwide.

The song Según Quién is part of the album Don Juan by Maluma and has accumulated millions of plays on various streaming platforms.

The birth of the trend from Carin León and Maluma.

The phenomenon began when a fan of Carín León, identified as @NayeCarmonaa on TikTok, posted a video using the snippet of the song that says: “Who the hell told you I still cry over you? As if you were a golden coin.”

This video quickly went viral, triggering a wave of reactions among the artist’s followers.


Esta canción también tiene mímica 😌😂 @Carin Leon @Juan Luis

♬ Según Quién – Maluma & Carin Leon

Maluma was quick to join this trend and shared several videos on his TikTok account, following the sign game started by @NayeCarmonaa.

Moreover, he invited his followers to join the trend, which resulted in the song’s sound accumulating more than 300,000 videos on the platform, with numerous content creators participating in the phenomenon.

Según Quién, the anthem for heartbreak.

As the viral trend spread, the collaboration between Carín León and Maluma reached impressive heights of popularity. In just over a month since the release of Según Quién, the song ranked number one in TikTok trends.

Users continued to create videos where they lip-synced to the song’s verses and added humorous gestures to express their reaction to the infidelity mentioned in the lyrics.

The song has become an anthem for those who have experienced betrayal in love, accumulating over 20 million views on its official YouTube video and surpassing 30 million streams on platforms like Spotify.

On TikTok, the trend has inspired over half a million users to create videos with the song in the background, and the number continues to rise.

With Según Quién, Carín León and Maluma have shown that Mexican regional music has a prominent place in today’s popular culture, and their success on TikTok is a testament to the connection this music can make with people of different ages and musical tastes around the world.

Carin León, ambassador of Mexican regional music

Carin León has gained recognition not only from lovers of Mexican regional music but also from those who appreciate authentic music and the real-life stories it tells. His unique style and ability to convey emotions through his lyrics have solidified his position at the top of the music industry.

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The singer from Sonora has skillfully blended the musical traditions of his homeland with modern elements, creating a fresh and appealing sound that resonates in various parts of the world.

His versatility as a singer and songwriter has allowed him to address a wide range of topics, from love and nostalgia to life in the countryside and everyday experiences.

With “Según Quién”, he and Maluma try to depict what happens after ending a relationship and the rumors that surround those involved, even when neither is relevant in the other’s life and the information being spread is not accurate.

Did you already record your TikTok with this song?

Sources: El Sol de Hermosillo, Metro World, See Tok

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