Teoría dice que Jacobo Grinberg podría estar vivo.

Is Jacobo Grinberg alive? A theory links him to Shiva Shambho

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On social media, a hypothesis has emerged claiming that Jacobo Grinberg is still alive and could be Shiva Shambho, a spiritual leader from Puebla.

A surprising twist of events dating back to 1994, specifically to the mysterious disappearance of Mexican scientist Jacobo Grinberg., is causing a buzz on social media, as many claim he could be Shiva Shambho, a mystic who has been writing and preaching about traditions since the 1990s, which he summarizes as “mistosophy.”

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This unconventional hypothesis has captured the attention of many people, including journalists and researchers who, at the time, were seeking answers to Grinberg’s disappearance. Even social media users began to create their own narratives linking both men, sparking a strong debate about the potential connection between life and spiritual beliefs.

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Photo: Shiva Shambho

One of the investigations that has gained the most attention regarding this theory is the one proposed by Maryfer Centeno, a graphologist who has become popular for analyzing the behavior, gestures, voices, and language of different personalities in specific situations to determine whether they are speaking the truth or not. For instance, she created a video to determine whether Martha Higareda’s stories are true or not.

Maryfer Centeno’s theory about Jacobo Grinberg

Just like on other occasions, the graphologist joined the social media trend by conducting an analysis on this theory that has been the talk of the town in recent weeks. The theory focuses on the physical resemblance between Grinberg and the mystic Shiva Shambho, whose real name is José Antonio Romero.

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In this case, Maryfer conducted the analysis by examining the similarities present in the renowned speeches of both figures. “We see that one speaks faster and the other speaks more slowly. There are people like me who hunch over, and Jacobo Grinberg also hunches over. On the other hand, Mr. Shiva Shambho does not hunch over. How are they similar? Their gestures are very expansive: the tone of voice, the mystic’s timbre is stronger, the intensity is remarkable, and clearly, the intonation is higher,” she mentioned in her video.

After Centeno’s video was released, her TikTok account was deleted on Saturday, August 19th, which caught the attention of her followers. This happened right after she presented this personality analysis.

Grandson of Pachita claims that Grinberg is alive

Isaías Ugalde, grandson of Pachita, Mexico’s most powerful healer, claims that Jacobo Grinberg is alive and has transformed into another person. He even states that Grinberg continues his research to prove his Synergetic Theory.

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“Jacobo Grinberg’s career as a scientist, to me, is remarkable. He was… or rather, he wasn’t, he is a good scientist, because let me tell you, Jacobo Grinberg is not dead, he is alive,” he mentioned.

Ugalde says that this information was given to him by the “little brother,” meaning the spirit of Cuauhtémoc that possessed Pachita during the organ transplants that Grinberg witnessed and studied.

Maryfer Centeno has already received a response

La creadora de contenido logró recuperar su cuenta de TikTok unas horas después de que fuera eliminada, y retomó el análisis que estaba haciendo sobre la teoría que ya tiene varias semanas en redes sociales.

In his YouTube channel, he mentioned that he has studied the behavior of both individuals for several weeks. He added that even though the gestures are quite similar, with the assistance of technologies such as artificial intelligence to determine biometric data, he concluded that there is only a 30% concordance.

“The conclusion is that they don’t correspond to the same person; the truth is that a part of me wanted it to be true, because myths give us life. But the truth is more valuable,” the graphologist concluded.

The mystery of Grinberg’s disappearance, combined with what Pachita’s grandson claims, keeps the discussion and the possibility open that in the future, more theories might emerge about this case for which answers are still being sought.

What is your favorite theory in this case?

Sources: SPD Noticias, Infobae

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