High in the Desert: un festival en Tucson que fusiona música y cannabis

High in the Desert: a festival in Tucson that blends music and cannabis

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The experience offered by High in the Desert, a festival of music, cannabis, and gastronomy in Tucson, Arizona.

On February 17th, in Tucson, Arizona, an event that combines cannabis, music, and regional cuisine will take place, the High in the Desert festival, which will be held at the MSA Annex concert venue.

high in the desert festival 2
Photo: Instagram @highinthedesertfest

Marking the region’s history as Tucson’s first open cannabis consumption festival, this event promises to be a unique experience for music and cannabis enthusiasts.

The event will feature a wide variety of products and activities aimed at educating and entertaining attendees. From cannabis strains to derivative products, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the trends and innovations in this market.

A harmonious blend of music and cannabis consumption

The festival kicks off at 2:30 p.m., welcoming attendees to a musical journey with a diverse lineup, including hip-hop sensation Grieves, the local six-piece act Desert Fish, and the prominent reggae band Iyaterra.

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Photo: Instagram @highinthedesertfest

According to Louis Franco, co-creator of the event and a veteran of the music industry, ‘It’s about crossing different platforms in terms of cannabis, food, and music, and sharing those platforms with each other’s followers.

With the concert venue capable of accommodating up to 1,200 people for cannabis consumption, High in the Desert aims to create an atmosphere where diverse passions intersect.

Culinary extravagance in the midst of the celebration

One of the highlights of the festival is the delicious variety of food overseen by a diverse group of vendors and food trucks. Shane Reiser, co-creator and owner of Tucson Foodie, emphasized the intersection of food and cannabis, stating, ‘I wanted to explore the intersection of food and… other things. Food and cannabis are linked.

Even for those who do not partake in cannabis consumption, the tempting culinary offerings promise to be a feast for the senses.

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Photo: Taco Picasso

With tickets starting at $55, High in the Desert is not just a musical and culinary extravaganza; it’s an opportunity to network and connect within the cannabis industry.

Franco explains, ‘Our goal is to make cannabis the focus, with everything backing it. Of course, it goes both ways because cannabis and the culture around it elevate their surroundings.

The highest journey at High in the Desert

For those looking to take the journey further, there is the option to choose VIP tickets, which provide access to private areas with a stage-side tent, complimentary food and drinks, and exclusive gifts from event sponsors.

‘We had a mission. We both had the idea of ​​doing an open consumption festival, something Tucson has never done. We’re trying to connect with our community. Tucson is my home. I want to share the things I love about it,’ Reiser commented.

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Photo: Instagram @highinthedesertfest

High in the Desert represents a significant step towards the normalization and acceptance of cannabis in Tucson’s society. The city joins a growing list of places that acknowledge and celebrate the benefits and diversity of the plant while committing to ensuring responsible and legal consumption.

The festival promises not only a celebration of cannabis culture but also a vibrant fusion of music, food, and community spirit, making it a must-attend event for residents and cannabis enthusiasts in Tucson.

Would you be interested in going to this festival?

Sources: Tucson Weekly, High in the Desert

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