Carin León reinterpreta el clásico “Te Quiero” junto a Hombres G

Carin León and Hombres G record the classic “Te Quiero”

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The Mexican Carin León teamed up with the Spanish band Hombres G to sing the classic love song “Te Quiero”. This fusion of styles will be available to listen to on February 9th, and it’s sure to become one of the hits of the month of love.

Carin León seems he’s not afraid of any genre or any song; the Sonoran is recognized for being one of the foremost representatives of Mexican regional music, but that hasn’t stopped him from tackling songs from other genres like “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton or “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, which have left fans wanting more.

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This time, he surprised his followers by announcing his collaboration with the Spanish band Hombres G, with whom he will explore his more romantic side by interpreting the classic “Te Quiero” that everyone sang in the mid-1980s.

The song’s release, as announced through social media, will be on February 9th, so fans won’t have to wait long to hear this classic, which is sure to have a new twist.

Hombres G are excited about the collaboration

Although the song was released three years before Carin León was born, this musical gem is part of the album “La cagaste Burt Lancaster” by Hombres G.


próximamente Hombres G Ft Carin León 😱

♬ sonido original – HombresGMusicaTelegram

For the band, Mexico has always been present in their hearts, so this collaboration brings them back to the stage they long for, as expressed by the band through social media: “Mexico always has a special place in our hearts, and this musical fusion with the great @carinleonoficial reflects that connection.”

This isn’t the first time Carin León has participated in a collaboration with Spanish artists, as he previously sang with C. Tangana on the song “Cambia” and with Pablo Alborán on “Viaje a Ningún Lado”.

What does the song “Te Quiero” talk about?

The lyrics of the song express the romantic feelings of someone who is deeply in love with their partner. The narrator expresses their love in a direct and sincere manner, using phrases like “Te quiero y no hago otra cosa que pensar en ti” to convey the intensity of their feelings.

The catchy music and characteristic pop-rock style of the band contributed to the success of the song, which traveled around the world, making it one of Hombres G’s most well-known tracks.

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In the announcement shared on social media, you can already hear that in this reinterpretation of the classic, some characteristic sounds of regional Mexican music have been added, obtained with the guitar, in addition to some phrases of the song interpreted by Carin León.

Carin León responded with gratitude to the invitation, describing it as a “great honor.” His participation in this collaboration not only highlights his versatility as an artist but also the ability of music to transcend borders and bring together artists from different genres.

The collaboration between Carin León and Hombres G generated diverse reactions

The news has caused an immediate impact on social media, with thousands of reactions and comments. The anticipation and excitement are evident, although some opinions show the diversity of tastes among the followers.

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The collaboration between Hombres G and Carin León promises to be a musical gift that celebrates diversity and the fusion of styles in the contemporary scene, with a romantic theme that fits perfectly with the season.

The new version of “Te Quiero” aims to reach diverse audiences on February 9th with an interpretation that blends the styles of Hombres G and Carin León.

Are you excited to listen to it with a new style?

Sources: El Imparcial, Uniradio Noticias, Telediario

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