Gobierno de Sonora brindará asistencia a sonorenses en Israel y Palestina

Sonora government will provide assistance to Sonorenses in Israel and Palestine

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The Sonora government will take measures to provide assistance to Sonorenses in Israel who are trapped due to the conflict that arose with Palestine

In response to the escalation of the conflict between Israel and the Islamic group Hamas, the governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo, is taking measures to provide assistance to the Sonorenses who are in the conflict zone.

4 sonorenses en israel
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Durazo Montaño made an urgent call to the Sonorenses in Israel to approach the Mexican Embassy in that country to arrange their return to Mexico.

Through his official X account, the leader reported that the state government is in constant contact with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE) to monitor the situation of the Sonorenses in the region.

The governor emphasized the importance of this coordination with the SRE and urged the Sonorenses in Israel and Palestine to seek assistance at the Mexican Embassy to ensure their safe return to Mexico.

Alfonso Durazo makes a call to action to Sonorenses in Israel

Additionally, the governor, through his official Twitter account, expressed his concern about the escalation of the Israel-Gaza conflict and announced specific measures to support Sonorenses who might be in the area. In his statements, he highlighted the coordination with the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, with the aim of monitoring these cases.

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It is essential to provide assistance and support to Mexicans who are in a situation of risk due to the conflict in the Middle East. For this reason, the Sonora government has established a direct line of communication with the Mexican consular authorities in Israel and Palestine.

Phone numbers and email addresses of the Mexican Embassy in Israel and the Representation Office in Palestine have been made available, with the purpose of providing immediate consular assistance and protection to Mexican citizens who require it.

Religious tourists from Sinaloa and Nayarit trapped in Jerusalem

In another development related to the crisis in the Middle East, at least 50 religious tourists from the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa are trapped in Israel due to the recent bombing and the declaration of a “state of war” in the country.

These tourists had traveled to Jerusalem with the purpose of undertaking a religious pilgrimage.

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Sergio Armando Peralta Herrera, one of the Nayarit tourists, expressed his distress through social media, asking for help for the group of 52 people in Jerusalem. The group consists of 47 people from Nayarit, five from Michoacán, and three from Sinaloa.

According to Sergio’s account, they were touring the Mount of Olives when alarms started ringing due to the attacks. The Tel Aviv airport in Israel remains closed due to the bombings, making it even more difficult for these tourists to return to Mexico.

Tourists are safe

The group of Mexican tourists has taken shelter in a bunker inside the Ambassador Hotel, where they were staying, due to the constant threat of missiles. Despite the wait, the promised consular assistance has not yet arrived.

Sergio Peralta noted that they were informed that Jerusalem is protected by the Israeli government and that missiles headed towards the city are intercepted before reaching the ground. However, the situation remains dangerous for those on the streets, as some missiles are not intercepted.

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The conflict between Hamas and Israel has escalated rapidly, with attacks and bombings in both directions. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has declared that the two countries are at war, and the death toll in the region continues to rise.

The situation of the Sonorenses in Israel and Palestine, as well as that of the religious tourists trapped in Jerusalem, is a deep concern for Mexican authorities.

The Sonora government is committed to providing the necessary assistance to its citizens abroad and to working closely with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to ensure their safe return to Mexico amidst this crisis.

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