Bacchus XXI

Baja California wines win four gold medals in international competitions.

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Bacchus 2023 edition awards 38 medals to the best wines from Mexico.

Baja California’s Monte Xanic winery has achieved an unprecedented accomplishment by receiving four gold distinctions in one of Mexico’s most prestigious wine competitions.

Recently, two wine competitions took place: Bacchus 2023 and Challenge International Du Vin 2023. In both events, the renowned Baja California winery, Monte Xanic, was awarded four gold medals.

These competitions, held in Madrid and Bordeaux respectively, featured the participation of over 2,500 wineries from 24 countries. In this prominent competition, Monte Xanic was the only Mexican winery awarded with four gold medals.

The awarded wines from Baja California were the Selección 2021, Monte Xanic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2021, Monte Xanic Merlot 2021, and Calixa Syrah 2021.

Bacchus 2023
Credits: México Ruta Mágica

Recognition for Baja California wine

In the Bacchus XXI International Wine Competition, 90 of the world’s top tasters from 28 countries participated. For three days, these experts gathered at the Casino Español to evaluate 1,728 wines.

Only 53 wines obtained a score higher than 93 points, among which the Monte Xanic Selección 2021 was awarded a Gran Bacchus de Oro (Great Gold Bacchus). On the other hand, the Monte Xanic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2021 was deserving of the Bacchus de Plata (Silver Bacchus).

The panel of international judges consisted of Masters of Wine, Masters of Sommelier, specialized critics, and winemakers. These experts blind-tasted the wine, without knowing its origin, and they came from different corners of the world.

The Challenge International Du Vin is the oldest international wine competition in France. Its particularity lies in the fact that each jury of tasters is composed of four members: a technician, a producer, a distributor, and an expert consumer.

Monte Xanic is positioned as the leading ultra-premium winery in Mexico and is part of the diverse wine offering of Baja California. Located between the Guadalupe Valley and Ojos Negros, the winery has achieved international recognition thanks to the quality of its products.

Bacchus 2023
Credits: Directo al paladar

Mexico won a total of 38 medals in Bacchus 2023.

Mexican wineries have obtained a total of 38 awards, including the prestigious recognition of “Best Wine of Mexico 2023.”

The Bacchus competition, unique in Spain and a member of VINOFED (a federation that brings together the most prestigious wine competitions worldwide), has been recognized by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) of Spain.

During this edition, which took place over four days, a distinguished panel of 92 tasters from 18 countries, including specialized journalists, sommeliers, winemakers, Masters of Wine, and Masters of Sommelier, carried out blind tastings of the 1,728 participating wine labels from 17 countries. The objective was to evaluate and recognize the quality on this occasion.

Bacchus 2023

The collaboration between the Bacchus International Competition and the Provino Baja California Committee allowed for the participation of Baja California winemaker Nicole Martain as a member of the jury.

In this edition, Mexico obtained several medals including a Silver medal for Aguascalientes, a Gold medal for Coahuila, two Gold medals and two Silver medals for Guanajuato, as well as five Gold medals for Querétaro. It is worth mentioning the special recognition to the representatives of Baja California, who were awarded two Grand Gold medals, fourteen Gold medals, and eleven Silver medals, in addition to the special award of “Best Wine Mexico Bacchus 2023” given to Domecq: Res

These recognitions highlight the growth and consolidation of the wine industry in the country. The Mediterranean climate, the region’s topography, and the passion of its winemakers make Baja California the most relevant wine region, representing 70% of wine production in Mexico.

In this way, the awarded prizes confirm the excellence of the country’s wine products, further strengthening the position of Mexican wine.

Sources: San Diego Red, Milenio

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