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De Mar a Mar, the race that crosses Baja California Sur

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The race From Sea to Sea will take place this year in Baja California Sur from December 1st to 3rd. The region of Baja California Sur is getting ready to host the second edition of a sports event that promises to boost tourism in the area.

The region of Baja California Sur is getting ready to host the second edition of a sports event that promises to boost tourism in the area.

It’s about the race From Sea to Sea, a trail running competition that crosses the entire state, taking a route through the different landscapes of the region.

The second edition of the race From Sea to Sea will take place on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of this year, 2023.

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The competition will offer participants a challenge by traveling through currently available trails as well as others that are now closed but were once available.

This race crosses the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve and the National Park to the Pacific Ocean, taking a step forward in the sports tourism that takes place in Baja California Sur.

From Sea to Sea consists of three stages.

Stage 1 goes from Los Barriles to San Dionisio, covering 36 kilometers. Stage 2 starts in San Dionisio and ends at ‘La Rueda’, covering a distance of 35 kilometers. And stage 3 goes from La Rueda to Todos Santos, covering 32 kilometers.

The experience of these sports days for the participants includes camping and offers runners the opportunity to explore the nature, gastronomy, and history of Baja California.

From Sea to Sea expects participants from ten countries, as well as residents of the two ‘Bajas’ and from different parts of Mexico.

In the presentation with the media, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Márquez, stated that ‘at the federal Ministry of Tourism, we are convinced that with the various actions we undertake for the benefit of national tourism, we will consolidate Mexico as a tourism powerhouse. We are confident that this second edition of the ‘From Sea to Sea’ race will be a great success.


To achieve the second edition of the race From Sea to Sea, collaborations and alliances have been made with protected natural areas where protocols are followed for activities in nature. This is also to communicate to all participants the precautions they must take when in contact with these areas.

De Mar a Mar contributes to the promotion of Baja California Sur as a destination. In addition, these days of activities will be broadcasted through some digital platforms by ESPN. In addition to national coverage, which will allow the event and the region to be seen by people from all over the world.

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How to participate in De Mar a Mar?

Registrations for this unique race in the country are open on the website and can be accessed to view the regulations, costs, and all the details about this event

The routes include assistance, two nights of accommodation in the camps, food at the same camp, and the set up of the camping tents.

The categories for this competition are: men’s general, women’s general, and master.

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The first edition of this race took place during 2022 and was well received by the community that is fond of these modalities and marathons. This year, more than 500 competitors are expected.

The organization also stated that they aim to have the least possible ecological impact, so they will carry out immediate cleanups, use recyclables, and reduce all possible materials

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